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"A Visitor" is the twenty-first chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Lauren Winter finds Scott Shelby at his apartment and comes forward with information about her son.


This chapter starts with Shelby asleep at his desk. After some time, Lauren arrives, much to Shelby's surprise (as she blew him off in "Sleazy Place"). She says she has remembered something: a letter that was sent the morning of her son's disappearance. She still has the envelope and gives it to Scott.

Lauren then asks to join his investigation. Scott initially refuses, at which point she takes back the envelope, intending to keep it unless Scott agrees. Scott eventually concedes to Lauren and returns the envelope, and they become partners.


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  • When Lauren arrives, Scott can offer her a drink. If the player does so, they will have to go to the kitchen and get a glass from a cupboard. Due to a rare glitch, this will not be possible unless the player had Scott open the cupboard before Lauren arrived. If this occurs, the game may need an update.
  • If you didn't save Lauren from Troy in the chapter "Sleazy Place," Lauren will enter with a black eye. Scott will ask what happened to her, but Lauren says nothing important.