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Allan Winter is the father of the late Johnny Winter and the abusive husband of Lauren Winter. He makes no appearances throughout the game.

When Scott Shelby questions Lauren about Johnny's murder by the Origami Killer, Lauren states that Allan left without a word promptly after Johnny's disappearance, also describing him as "a loser without a job that liked to beat me after a few drinks." She also states that he had received a mysterious letter, likely the Church Letter, and left in hopes of saving his own son. As Johnny was drowned, it is likely Allan either failed the trials or died during them. His body was never found, however.


  • It is strongly implied, but never definitively established, that Allan was living in Lauren Winter's apartment at the time of Johnny's disappearance.
    • Lauren's dialogue in "Sleazy Place" suggests that she was living in that apartment when Johnny was kidnapped.
    • If Allan and Lauren were legally married, they most likely would have lived together.
    • Being an unemployed alcoholic, Allan probably couldn't afford a place of his own (and if he could, the Origami Killer would have sent the Church Letter there instead).