No... I'm not a killer... I ain't no killer...

— Andrew

Andrew is the main antagonist of the chapter "Hassan's Shop" in Heavy Rain. He breaks into the convenience store owned by Hassan (the father of Reza, the Origami Killer's sixth or seventh victim) during the mission, and tries to rob his store whilst armed with a gun.

Scott Shelby, at the time of the break-in, is at the back of the store and is not initially spotted by Andrew. Scott can take any of the following actions:

  • Sneak up on Andrew and knock him out with a frying pan or bottle.
  • Walk up to Andrew, grab his gun and knock him out with a punch.
  • Talk to Andrew and convince him to leave.
  • Get shot by Andrew if he fails to knock him out or is spotted and fails to keep his hands up.
  • Allow Hassan to die by not attacking Andrew or even merely waiting in the back of the store.

Andrew does not seem to be a ruthless, hardened criminal. If Scott talks to him, he will divulge how he has a daughter named Jessica, and if Scott asks him how he thinks Jessica would react if she saw Andrew threatening to kill Hassan, it seems to hit him hard emotionally and he leaves. Also, he reacts with surprise and remorse if he shoots Scott or Hassan. If Scott is shot, he will cower and leave the store. If he kills Hassan, he appears to feel rather guilty about his actions and rushes out of the store without even trying to get the money from the register.

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