We checked out his statement. He has an alibi for at least three of the murders...

—Ash to Carter Blake

Ash is a police sergeant who appears in various chapters of Heavy Rain. He appears to have a friendly relationship with Carter Blake, and a negative relationship with FBI profiler Norman Jayden

When Miroslav Korda is caught, Ash is seen watching the interrogation take place. Ash tells Blake that Korda has an alibi for at least three of the murders so he couldn't be the Origami Killer. Ash answers the phone when it rings, then tells Blake that Ethan Mars' ex-wife, Grace, is at the precinct and wants to speak to him.

If Scott Shelby gets caught by the police, Ash is seen interrogating him about Manfred's death, with Scott telling him Manfred was already dead and he had nothing to do with it. Ash instructs him not to leave town and to call the police if he finds another dead body.

Ash is also seen during "The Old Warehouse" if all characters show up, and he is seen along with a score of other officers under Carter Blake's command who have surrounded the warehouse and have their weapons drawn. Madison Paige tries to warn Blake that he's making a terrible mistake and she has evidence that Ethan is not the Origami Killer. Blake refuses to listen and tells Ash to get her out of his sight. Madison escapes from Ash and uses her bike to get through the police blockade. If the player fails the QTEs, Madison will fall off her bike and end up locked in a cop car; without her warning, Ethan will be shot to death as soon as he exits the warehouse.

Chapter Appearances Edit