There is no physical damage from the accident. However, I am worried about your psychological condition.

— Dupré to Ethan Mars

Dr. Clarence Dupré is a minor character in Heavy Rain. He inadvertently becomes an antagonist when his observations stoke police suspicions that Ethan Mars is the Origami Killer.

Dupré is Ethan's psychologist, and provides therapy to treat his psychological problems after his son Jason dies. Norman Jayden and Carter Blake also visit Dupré's office to get him to divulge information about Ethan; when Blake's interrogation methods turn violent, Jayden can either allow him to beat Dupré or confront Blake and stop him.

Chapter AppearancesEdit


  • Clarence Dupré is modeled and voiced by Conrad Cecil.
  • Both of the chapters in which Dupré appears have the word "Shrink" in the title.
  • Although Dupré is a psychologist, he is labeled a "shrink" - a slang term most often used to refer to psychiatrists.


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