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"Covered Market" is the twentieth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Norman Jayden and Carter Blake confront another suspect, Miroslav Korda.


The chapter starts with Jayden and Blake talking in a car while waiting for another suspect. The conversation will vary depending on your choices in "Nathaniel." The suspect, Miroslav Korda, arrives and Jayden and Blake exit the car to question him. As soon as Jayden announces they're with the police, Korda takes off and Jayden pursues him. This initiates a QTE chase through a Food Market that ends in a meat locker. Jayden can successfully defend himself and subdue Korda, or if Jayden fails to defend himself, then Blake will arrive and subdue Korda as Jayden is beaten unconscious. Alternatively, the chapter will end early if the player fails too many QTEs, in which case Korda will evade capture.


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  • Cat & Mouse – Beat Korda in the cold storage.


  • During the Quick Time Event sequence, you can see that one of the motion capture cameras was accidentally kicked by Leon Ockenden during the recording.
  • If you fail to capture Korda, the beginning of the chapter "Police News" with Norman will change.
  • Norman's walk before fighting Korda is the same one he uses in "The Old Warehouse" if he goes alone.