Cross Road Motel

Concept art showing the sign of the Cross Road Motel

The Cross Road Motel is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place. It is a three-story complex containing a lobby, parking lot, and over 300 rooms in which guests can stay.

The Cross Road Motel serves as Ethan Mars' third known residence and one of Madison Paige's many residences during the course of the game. This location is where Ethan recuperates both mentally and physically after the trials given to him by the Origami Killer. Ethan and Madison stay in separate rooms, which are on the same floor of the complex and only a few doors apart from each other. Upon their meeting, they become more involved with each other's lives on a social level, and Ethan's room becomes a base of operations from which they plan how to rescue Ethan's son from the Origami Killer after Ethan finally tells Madison the situation he is in and trials he has had to endure. Ethan and Madison stay in this motel for most of the game, leaving only when the police come to arrest Ethan and take him in for questioning under suspicion of him being the Origami Killer.

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