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Ethan talking to Shaun.

"A New Start" is one of seven possible endings to Ethan Mars' story in Heavy Rain. It his second best ending.



Ethan takes Shaun to a condominium, asking him if he likes it or not. Shaun then looks around to find a perfect place as his room. Shaun then tells Ethan that they will be together forever. After that, Shaun teases Ethan, who responds by chasing his son with his arms outstretched like airplane wings.


Shaun: Is this where we're gonna live now?

Ethan: Only if you really, really want to. Or we can keep on looking 'till we find something you like.

Shaun: It doesn't matter where we live, as long as we're together...

Ethan: I will never let anyone or anything separate us again. We're stuck with each other, kiddo, like glue!

Shaun: Can I choose where my room is?

Ethan: Sure thing, champ!

(Shaun takes a look around.)

Shaun: All right, then I think we can stay here.


  • Ethan survives and is not imprisoned.
  • Madison is never kissed, rejected in "On the Loose," or dies.
  • Shaun survives.


  • The room of the condominium shown in this ending bears some resemblance to Lucas Kane's apartment from Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, an earlier Quantic Dream game.
  • This is considered Ethan's second best ending because he saves Shaun and they both start a new life.
  • Ethan is clean-shaven in this ending.
  • If Ethan didn't lose his finger over the course of the game, he will be shown with it intact.
  • This is the only good ending that any character other than Scott can receive in a Perfect Crime playthrough. For this to happen, Ethan must arrive at the warehouse with Norman, who must then be killed by Scott.