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Ethan hugs Shaun after getting out of prison.

"Innocent" is one of seven possible endings to Ethan Mars' story in Heavy Rain. It is his third best ending.



Ethan is proven to be innocent. Ethan is seen being released from prison; much to his surprise, Shaun shows up alive at the police station and is happy to see his father again. Grace apologizes for what she had done and leaves Ethan to reunite with his son, who he promises never to leave again.


(Ethan is being released from prison.)

Officer: You're free to go.

(The scene transitions to Shaun and Grace greeting Ethan.)

Shaun: Dad!

Grace: Shaun has been waiting to see you for weeks... I thought you might like him to be here as soon as you got out... Ethan, I...I'm sorry.

(Grace leaves Ethan and Shaun alone.)

Shaun: Promise you'll never leave me again Dad.

Ethan: I promise son, I never will again.



  • This can be considered Ethan's third best ending because although he gets caught by the police, he ends up being proven innocent after Shaun is saved and is reunited with his son.
  • Ethan is shown wearing the same clothes he wore in "Father and Son," which is odd considering he is not in those clothes at the time that he can be arrested permanently. This error also occurs in the scene when Ethan is put in his cell and Norman leaves him there, only shown if Ethan was arrested both times and Norman is still alive at that point.
  • Grace's dialogue implies that this ending takes place a few weeks after the events of the final chapter; this is the only time a reference is made to when the endings take place.