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"News Report" is the start of the epilogue of Heavy Rain. It sums up the game's story and the events of "The Old Warehouse."


The clip features reporter Glenn Sanders detailing the final outcome of the story. The statuses of Shaun and the Origami Killer are generally mentioned. If any playable characters have died, their deaths are also reported.

Shaun Mars
  • If Shaun survives, the report announces that Shaun has been found alive. If he is revived by one of the players, the report also gives them a special mention to them for making his rescue possible (meaning that if both Norman and Madison arrive at the warehouse, Norman will be praised, since he was the one who revived Shaun). If Shaun is saved but his rescuer subsequently dies, it is announced that Shaun was found wandering disoriented around the old docks. If Shaun is saved by Ethan and Ethan survives, the report mentions that Ethan has been pardoned and that Captain Perry has issued an official apology.
  • If Shaun dies, the report announces that the Origami Killer has claimed a ninth victim and Shaun's body has been found on a wasteland. It will also mention that Captain Perry has resigned from the force, possibly due to Shaun's death.
Origami Killer
  • If the Origami Killer is identified, a picture is shown and details about his name and his previous profession are discussed. If the killer was killed at the warehouse, it is announced that he was killed during a massive police operation. Otherwise, it is announced the police have not apprehended him and are launching a city-wide manhunt. This will also happen if Madison and/or Norman survive but neither of them find the address to the warehouse, while Ethan is imprisoned.
  • If he has not been identified, it is announced that he is still at large and the police have not identified him (regardless of whether he died or survived).
  • If Shaun dies and Ethan is imprisoned during the game, it is announced that Ethan is the Origami Killer and has been arrested. Ethan's mugshot is shown.
  • Players' deaths are only announced if their death was linked to the Origami Killer - for example, if Madison is killed by Adrian Baker, Norman is killed by Mad Jack, or Norman dies in "Solving the Puzzle," they will not be mentioned. If they were killed by the killer (in "Fish Tank," "Killer's Place," or "The Old Warehouse"), their death is reported.
  • If Ethan is killed outside the warehouse, it is announced by the report and if Norman survives, it is also announced that Carter Blake and Leighton Perry have been suspended. Otherwise, it simply mentions a full police investigation is pending.
  • If Norman is killed, it is announced that he was killed while trying to arrest the Origami Killer.
  • If Madison is killed, it is announced and mentions she was working on the case, but was killed in unclear circumstances.


  • The news reporter gives Scott Shelby's age as 48 years old. However, according to John (and/or Scott) Sheppard's tombstone, his birthdate is in 1967, which would mean he is actually 44 years old in 2011.
  • Oddly, if Madison dies in "Killer's Place" while Ethan rejected her in "On the Loose," her death is not mentioned in the news report.