Origami blues

Ethan aims the gun at his head.

"Origami Blues" is one of seven possible endings to Ethan Mars' story in Heavy Rain. It is his second worst ending.



Ethan sits in a motel room, profoundly depressed about the death of Shaun Mars, his only remaining son. Tortured by guilt and sadness, and with dozens of origami figures scattered around the room, Ethan executes himself using the gun from the Shark Trial.



  • This can be considered Ethan's second worst ending because he cannot cope with losing Shaun despite evading arrest and not being framed as the Origami Killer.
  • If you look closely at Ethan's forehead after he shoots himself, you can see that the hole left by the bullet is not modeled onto the forehead.
  • This ending, along with "Unpunished" and "Helpless," is one of three that never has dialogue.
  • This ending is very similar to "Tears in the Rain," with the only difference being that Madison is alive or Ethan has forgiven her in the latter.
  • The motel room Ethan is shown in during the ending appears different than the one he stayed in at the Cross Road Motel. It can be assumed that Ethan fled and hid out in another motel to evade the police still pursuing him.
  • The origami figures are probably a holdover from a scrapped concept: as explained in Heavy Rain: Cutting Room Floor, an early version of the game had Ethan's and Scott's consciousnesses become intertwined after Jason's death, and Ethan would black out and create an origami figure each time the Origami Killer claimed a victim. This theory explains why Ethan awakens on the street of the construction site where Scott's brother died years earlier, holding an origami dog (which, as Ann Sheppard mentions, is John's favorite), and can also apply to "Helpless."


Heavy Rain- Epilogue - Origami Blues

Heavy Rain- Epilogue - Origami Blues