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Madison continues to suffer from insomnia.

"Square One" is one of five possible endings to Madison Paige's story in Heavy Rain. It is (arguably) her worst ending.



Madison is curled up on her couch in her apartment. She ignores another message on her answering machine from Sam, who is clearly worried, as he has not heard from her in some time. Her insomnia has worsened, and intruders armed with with knives (like the ones from "Sleepless Night") dart past in the foreground, before they surround her. Madison does nothing but clutch her head as they advance on her. The camera fades out, showing that the intruders are not actually there.


Madison's phone message: Hi, you've reached Madison Paige. Leave a message.

Sam: Mad, it's Sam. I'm worried about you, girl... You haven't answered your phone in days. Listen, I can't pretend to know what you've been through, but I'm here for you... If you want to talk to someone about it, you know I'm here... Right, I'll try again later on...



  • While this could be considered Madison's worst ending because her insomnia and nightmares are worse than they were at the beginning of the game, it could also be considered her second worst ending because she's still alive.
  • This is the only bad ending that does not have a death scene.
  • This is also the only bad ending that can occur if Shaun Mars survives, showing that even if Shaun survived, being unable to help save him and not having Ethan in her life has made Madison's situation worse.
  • Sam's statement that he has not heard from Madison in days suggests that she may have quit her job at The American Tribune. If so, she was probably driven to this by the emotional impact of the Origami Killer case, which would have been intensified by her encounter with Adrian Baker (if she fought him) and either her failure to save Ethan or Shaun (if one or both of them died), or her guilt over not being able to help Ethan rescue Shaun (since she must fail to locate the warehouse).