Scott walks down the street, having gotten away with all his crimes.

"Unpunished" is one of three possible endings to Scott Shelby's story in Heavy Rain. It is his best ending.



Scott Shelby walks along the sidewalk freely amidst a crowd of people, getting away with all his crimes as the Origami Killer.


  • Scott survives in "The Old Warehouse." This means that the other three playable characters must not reach the warehouse, or:
    • Scott must not be shot by Ethan (if he reaches the warehouse alone).
    • Scott must win the fight against Norman or Madison (if they reach the warehouse).
  • Lauren dies in "Trapped."


  • This is the only good ending that can occur when Shaun dies, since his death does not have anything to do with Lauren surviving or not.
  • This is considered to be Scott's "best" epilogue because he gets away with all the murders he committed as the Origami Killer. Then again, since he is the main antagonist, Scott's best endings are the worst in the context of the entire game.
  • This ending, along with "Helpless," "Dead Heroine," and "Smoking Mirror" are considered by many to be the worst combination of endings. This is because all the main characters except Scott die, including Lauren and Shaun.
  • It's unknown what Scott will do after getting away with all of his crimes. Depending on the player's actions, it is possible that he could do any one of these things:
    • Quit kidnapping and killing children if Ethan saves his son.
    • Lay low due to the citywide manhunt for him if it is mentioned in the news.
    • Continue kidnapping and killing children if Shaun dies or is saved by Madison or Norman, due to not finding a good enough father to save his son. The origami figures seen in "Helpless" and "Origami Blues" allude to a scrapped concept that makes this Scott's most likely course of action: according to Heavy Rain: Cutting Room Floor, the developers originally planned for Ethan's and Scott's consciousnesses to become intertwined after Jason's death, and for Ethan to black out and create an origami figure each time the Origami Killer claimed a victim.
  • This ending makes Scott a Karma Houdini because he survives and is not brought to justice for his crimes.
  • This is the only ending in which Scott lives, not counting "A Mother's Revenge" since he is murdered in that ending.
  • This ending, along with "Helpless" and "Origami Blues," is one of three that never has dialogue.


Heavy Rain- Epilogue - Unpunished

Heavy Rain- Epilogue - Unpunished