Ethan Mars' Apartment

Concept art showing the living room and kitchen of Ethan's apartment

Ethan Mars' apartment is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place. It is the second known residence of Ethan Mars.

After losing his oldest son and getting divorced from his wife, Ethan is forced to move into a duplex apartment in the city where he looks after his surviving son on weekdays.

When Shaun is kidnapped from the park by the Origami Killer, Ethan reports his son's disappearance to the police and finds reporters crowded around the front of his apartment the next morning. Feeling like a prisoner in his own home and a failure as a father, Ethan eventually discovers that the Origami Killer has left him clues to save Shaun.

Determined not to fail another child, Ethan sneaks out of his apartment and takes off in his car to begin his search.

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  • Ethan Mars' apartment is located at 9669 Reservoir Road in Camden, according to the address on the Church Letter's envelope. The address doesn't include a state or a zip code, though Camden, New Jersey is directly across the river from Philadelphia, after which David Cage has said the city depicted in Heavy Rain is modeled.


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