Ethan Mars' Condominium

Ethan, Madison and Shaun look over the condominium.

Ethan Mars' condominium is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place. It is the fourth known residence of Ethan Mars, and determinately one of Madison Paige's many residences. It appears only in two of the game's endings.

Following Shaun's rescue, Ethan and Shaun move out of Ethan's apartment into the condominium together; depending on whether Madison is alive and in a relationship with Ethan, she may move into the condo as well.

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Trivia Edit

  • The condominium appears similar, though not identical, to the apartment owned by Lucas Kane, the main protagonist of Fahrenheit (alternatively titled Indigo Prophecy in its North American release), Quantic Dream's previous game before Heavy Rain. This has led to speculation that the two games are set in the same universe, Ethan and Lucas know each other, and that Lucas is the "friend of a friend" who let Ethan get the apartment (as Ethan mentions to Madison in the "A New Life" ending).
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