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Box art for Fahrenheit (PS2)

Box art for Indigo Prophecy (PC)

Fahrenheit (named Indigo Prophecy in North America) was developed by Quantic Dream in 2005. It was Quantic Dream's previous game before Heavy Rain, and bears a resemblance to it in terms of gameplay and style. Originally released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, it became available for download for the Xbox 360 in 2007 and the PlayStation 4 in 2016 (through Xbox Originals and the PlayStation Network, respectively).

In the endings where Shaun survives and Ethan survives and stays out of prison, Ethan, Shaun, and possibly Madison (if she survives and is forgiven by Ethan) move into a condominium that appears similar, but not identical, to Lucas Kane's apartment. Some of the distinguishing aspects of Lucas Kane's apartment, such as the glass door leading to an outside balcony, are missing from Ethan's condo. Ethan states that a "friend of a friend" let him get the apartment, and players have speculated he is referring to Lucas, though it is not confirmed.

The setting of Heavy Rain (and thus Ethan's new apartment) also is likely in Philadelphia, indicated by the Philadelphia map in Scott Shelby's office, the Philadelphia addresses of Lauren Winter's husband and Jackson "Mad Jack" Neville, and Quantic Dream's David Cage's statement that the city Heavy Rain is set in is modeled after Philadelphia. On the other hand, Fahrenheit and therefore the setting of Lucas Kane's apartment was in New York. However, the setting of Ethan's new apartment can be debated, as Philadelphia apparently experiences long periods of rain (and this is the case in several other endings that are clearly set in the city, for example Madison's "Square One" ending) yet this is not seen in the endings where Ethan moves into the apartment. Also, it is unclear how much time has passed between the game and the endings. Therefore, it is somewhat possible that Ethan, Shaun and possibly Madison left the city after the game's conclusion, which makes it possible that the apartment is in fact Lucas' apartment in New York.

Some voice and model actors appear in both games, including David Gasman, Barbara Scaff, Christian Erickson, and others.

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