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"First Encounter" is the nineteenth chapter in Heavy Rain.


Unable to sleep at her apartment, Madison Paige checks into a motel - fortunately, the motel in which Ethan Mars is staying.


The chapter starts with Madison arriving at the motel. She walks into the lobby and fills out the registration book for the creepy receptionist. She does so and walks off thinking about how obnoxious the receptionist is. As she approaches her room, she sees Ethan leaning against the safety railing outside that floor's row of rooms and asks if he is okay. Ethan collapses and asks Madison to help him to his room. Madison does so and treats Ethan's wounds. The chapter ends with the player taking control of Ethan and picking out another origami figure.


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  • When Madison Paige checks into the Cross Road Motel in this chapter, the receptionist states her age is 27. However, if Madison dies over the course of the game, the gravestone in the ending "Dead Heroine" says that she was born in 1981, which would make her 30 years old in 2011 (the year in which the game takes place).
  • This chapter can be ended quickly by repeatedly applying the disinfectant too quickly or giving Ethan the antibiotics and anti-fever pills. Both actions will prompt Ethan to ask Madison to leave.
  • This is the first chapter to show Madison in her clothes, as in "Sleepless Night," she was only shown in her underwear and tank top.
  • This is the first time Ethan and Madison have crossed paths and the second time two playable main characters appear in the same chapter. The first time where this has happened was in "Welcome, Norman" if Norman did not take the Triptocaine.
  • Despite the introduction stating that the day is Wednesday, the clock at the reception says the date is Thursday, the 5th of October 2011. However, the 5th of October 2011 actually fell on a Wednesday, so the date in the reception area is considered to be an error.
  • While in Debug Mode and using the free camera option, it is possible to see that Ethan does indeed take a shower naked.