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"Fugitive" is the twenty-ninth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison follows Ethan to the Lizard Trial while Blake and Jayden attempt to capture him.


Madison arrives at the Marble Street apartment to find that the police are preparing for a raid. She finds Ethan inside, who will either be catatonic or suspicious depending on whether or not he cut off his finger during the trial, and helps him escape from the building. They must then make their way through heavy traffic to reach the subway station and board a train before the police catch up to them.


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If Ethan is arrested in this chapter, Norman Jayden will help him escape. Consequently, if he is arrested a second time he will be imprisoned for the rest of the game.



  • Hands Up! – Get arrested by the police. This trophy can also be obtained in "On the Loose."
  • Fugitive – Escape arrest.


  • The police officer who spots and shoots (or threatens to shoot) Ethan in the alleyway is modeled after Moussa Cissé. He also appears in "The Bear."
  • This is the only chapter in which three main characters will always appear.
    • Scott Shelby is the only main character who doesn't appear in this chapter, and Norman Jayden is the only one who appears but is non-playable.
  • In the motel, Ethan can ask why Madison followed him to the Lizard Trial, to which she says "I wanted to know."
  • If Ethan escapes from the police, this is the first chapter with two loading screens: Madison's loading screen is shown before the first part and Ethan's is shown before the second part.
  • This is the first of two chapters where Ethan can get arrested. (The second is "On the Loose.")
  • The police officers are shown to be armed with Beretta 90-Twos.
  • If Ethan is shot during the escape, Madison will use the same yell as she does in "The Old Warehouse" when Ethan is shot by the Origami Killer if she and Ethan are the only ones present.
  • Whether or not Ethan is shot in the shoulder by the police officer depends on which trials he has completed and failed.
    • He will be shot if he failed the third trial and will not be shot if he completed it.
    • Whether or not Ethan gets shot does not impact his ability to successfully escape.
  • The only way for Ethan to escape unharmed in this chapter is by failing the third trial and getting caught by the police in the apartment. Otherwise, he will either be shot by the police officer while escaping or be missing part of his finger when Madison arrives to help him escape.
  • The concept art for this chapter implies that Madison was originally not going to appear, as it only shows Norman chasing Ethan across a busy highway.
  • If the player turns around, Jayden appears to be stumbling off the hood of the car.
  • If Ethan and Madison successfully escape from Jayden and Blake on the subway train, Jayden can be seen clipping through people on the platform as he walks around looking exasperated.[1]
  • There is a glitch that makes it possible to skip part of the chapter by walking to the subway entrance without Ethan. Madison never sets foot in the apartment, and the police raid will not be triggered. Despite this, Ethan and Madison will be together in the next scene, pursued by the police.[2]