"Fugitive" is the twenty-ninth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison follows Ethan to The Lizard Trial while Blake and Jayden attempt to capture him.


Madison PaigeEdit

In this chapter, Carter Blake and Norman Jayden attempt to arrest Ethan Mars for the first time. Madison Paige finds Ethan in the apartment on Marble Street. If Ethan cut his finger off in the previous trial, he sits in the corner incoherent with pain, oblivious to Madison's attempts to warn him about the police; if he did not cut off his finger, however, he will get mad at Madison, demanding to know why she followed him. Madison tries to help Ethan as she knows that the police are in front of the apartment. She pushes away old boards and moves a box to create a path out of the building; if Ethan is not hurt, he will help her.

The police enter the apartment just as Ethan and Madison are slipping away; Madison goes first, and then Ethan if he did not cut off his finger. If he did, Madison will have to help Ethan out the window and then follow. A cop outside hears the noise, runs over and sees Madison and Ethan, telling them to freeze. Depending on what trials Ethan has failed or succeeded in, Ethan may be shot in the hand, in the shoulder, have the same finger he was supposed to cut off shot off, or may run away fast enough to not get shot. Once in the subway station Ethan's agoraphobia plays up. The police are still trying to catch the fugitives, and Ethan and Madison manage to make it to the train and escape. (If the player does not move Ethan and Madison fast enough or fails any related QTEs, the police will catch Ethan. Madison will successfully hide from the police, though she will cry if Ethan is captured.)

Ethan MarsEdit

If Ethan isn't captured (or after Norman helps him escape), Ethan will be in his motel room watching the news. He will find out that he is accused of being the Origami Killer. He turns off the TV and Madison arrives with groceries. She nervously explains that she didn't know what Ethan liked so she bought a bit "of everything."

Ethan can question Madison about why she is helping him and whether or not she was followed. Eventually Ethan will ask her to stop helping him. She will argue that the police have seen her face and it's too late for her to quit now. She asks Ethan if he really is the killer. He admits that he doesn't know and tells her about his blackouts and his theory that his "alter ego" is testing him and his love for Shaun by setting these trials. He explains that if it is him then there's a part of him that knows where to find Shaun. Ethan finally asks Madison to leave, which she does, and Ethan retrieves the next origami figure.


If Ethan is arrested in this chapter, Norman Jayden will help him escape. Consequently, if he is arrested a second time he will be imprisoned for the rest of the game.



  • Hands Up! – Get arrested by the police. This trophy can also be achieved in "On the Loose."
  • Fugitive – Escape arrest.


  • This is the first chapter to have three main characters in it.
  • Scott Shelby is the only main character to not appear in this chapter.
  • In the motel, Ethan can ask why Madison followed him to the Lizard Trial, to which she says "I wanted to know."
  • This is the only chapter where Norman Jayden appears as a non-playable character.
  • This is also the only chapter to have two loading screens, as it shows Madison's loading screen during the first part and Ethan's loading screen during the second part.
  • This is the first of two chapters where Ethan can get arrested. (The second is "On the Loose.")
  • The police officers are shown to be armed with Beretta 90-Twos.
  • Where Ethan gets shot depends on how many trials he has completed so far:
    • All 3 trials failed: His left pinky, the same finger Ethan cuts off if he succeeds in the Lizard Trial, is shot off.
    • 1 trial completed, 2 failed: Ethan is shot in the hand (none of his fingers are shot off, though).
    • 2 trials completed, 1 failed: Ethan is shot in the shoulder.
    • All 3 trials completed: Ethan manages to run away from the cop before he can shoot.
  • If the player turns around, Jayden appears to be stumbling off the hood of the car.