Do you know who my father is? He only has to lift one finger and you won't wake up tomorrow morning. You're the one who should be afraid, Mr. Shelby. Not me.

—Gordi to Scott Shelby

Gordi Kramer is a rich playboy, and the son of millionaire Charles Kramer.


In GameEdit

Gordi can be considered the tertiary antagonist of the game. He comes under investigation by Scott Shelby as the possible true identity of the Origami Killer. He is under suspicion because Joseph Brown, a young boy found dead with the M.O. of the serial killer, was last seen alive getting into Gordi's limo. His father bailed him out by bribing the cops. Scott, accompanied by Lauren Winter, goes to one of Gordi's parties so they can confront him with their suspicions. Gordi seems to be proud of the accusations and flaunts them rather than denying them. In spite of his boastfulness, however, he is untouchable due to his father's connections, the nearby bodyguards, and a lack of tangible evidence in spite of his bragging.

Later on, Gordi's father Charles reveals to Scott that Gordi is not the Origami Killer, but is guilty of kidnapping Joseph Brown in a copycat attempt, from which Gordi experienced some sort of sick thrill. Charles claims that Gordi did not mean to let the boy perish - that the incident was just an "unfortunate accident" for which he felt great remorse afterwards - but had failed in preserving Joseph's life because he had kept the boy underwater for too long.

It is unknown what happens to him after the events of the game.

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  • Gordi is about 5' 11" (1.80 m) tall.
  • Gordi and his father Charles share their last name with the Jigsaw Killer (whose real name is John Kramer), the main antagonist of the Saw franchise.
  • It is implied that Gordi suffers from an emotional or psychological disturbance, since he never realized the risks involved with imitating a serial killer, but still felt grief over Joseph's death. This is further hinted during his first appearance, where he is in the middle of watching a children's cartoon, and is unaware of Scott's hostility throughout the whole conversation.
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