Picture of the trophy.

This is a guide to acquiring "Happy Birthday," a bronze trophy in Heavy Rain.


This trophy is earned in the "Prologue" chapter but isn't actually awarded until after the "Sleazy Place" chapter finishes loading. It has very specific requirements which are not fully detailed in some guides and forums, causing it to be reported as glitchy. Because of the delay in awarding the trophy, it is important to make sure all steps are finished as each attempt takes about 20-30 minutes to completely play through to the point it is awarded.


Any game events not listed below can be completed or ignored without interfering with the trophy.

  • Complete architectural drawing in the study before the family returns home.
    • Drawing has multiple steps and is not fully completed until it is signed.
  • Help Grace with groceries.
  • Successfully and carefully set the table.
  • Give Shaun a piggy back ride.
    • It is important to not manually put Shaun down. You must let him keep riding until the game stops the ride for you. It should take about 3-4 laps around the garden. (This may have been fixed with an update.)
  • Play helicopter with Jason.
    • Continue spinning until game stops for you. Do not stop early.
    • Helicopter and piggy back ride can be done in either order.
  • Lift children up with arms.
  • Sword fight with Jason.
    • It does not matter whether Ethan misses one or two steps, just so long as he beats Jason.


  • Events in "The Mall" do not affect this trophy.
  • Events in "Father and Son" do not affect this trophy.
  • This trophy is independent of the actions for the Good Father trophy.
  • It is possible to get this trophy on a second playthrough without replaying "The Mall" and "Father and Son" chapters. Follow steps above and after starting "The Mall," quit to the main menu. Then load any chapter that shows a zoomed in character's face as it loads. About the same time the load finishes, you should see the trophy.
  • This is often referred to as the most glitched trophy in the game.