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I was beginning to think that there was no good to be found in this place. I can see now that I was wrong.

— Hassan to Scott Shelby

Hassan is a minor character in Heavy Rain. He owns a convenience store and is the father of Reza, one of the Origami Killer's victims. When Scott Shelby goes to the store to ask him about his son, Hassan refuses to give him any information regarding the murder. While Scott goes to the back of the store to look for an inhaler, an armed robber enters the store and demands all of the money from the cash register. However, Hassan refuses to give him any money, stating he has worked very hard to earn it. From here, Scott can either hit the robber with a bottle or frying pan, or try to reason with the robber. If reasoned with, the robber will leave without harming anyone, but if the player waits too long without doing anything, the robber will shoot Hassan, killing him.

If Hassan doesn't get shot, he thanks Shelby and then gives him a shoebox that he found in a locker after the Origami Killer sent him a letter with a locker ticket. He says that it didn't help him save his son, but it may help Scott save Shaun Mars.

Chapter Appearances[]

Possible Deaths[]

  • Hassan's Shop - He will be shot in the neck and bleed to death if Scott takes too long to knock Andrew out or convince him to leave the store.


  • If Hassan is killed in the demo version, Scott notices the box after Hassan dies and therefore obtains it.
  • If Hassan is killed in the final version, before he dies he says that he had wished to look into the Origami Killer's eyes.
  • Hassan is 5' 9¾" (1.77 m).
  • He appears to be of Middle Eastern origin or descent. His son's name, Reza, heavily implies Persian/Iranian roots.