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Heavy Rain Cutting Room Floor

The video

Heavy Rain: Cutting Room Floor is a video released by Quantic Dream through the PlayStation YouTube channel on January 5, 2011. It addresses some of the development history of Heavy Rain, explaining plot holes as well as some small informational extras.



  • The death of Ann Sheppard - The Origami Killer originally smothered her to death after Madison leaves.
  • An additional short chapter where Ethan takes Shaun to school and discovers the Origami Killer's letter.
  • Madison was originally able to go to her workplace to conduct research and write articles; additionally, the player would have had an opportunity to decorate Madison's apartment.


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  • According to a video posted by the YouTuber dragonbane, the assets for the removed chapter where Shaun is taken to school still exist in the game files, and it is possible to load the chapter by editing the scripting within the game.[1]