The intruders are minor antagonists in Heavy Rain. They all look the same, carry Bowie knives, and wear dark gray sweaters, olive drab cargo pants, and black boots, gloves, and balaclavas that leave only their eyes and the bridges of their noses visible.

In actuality, the intruders are figments of Madison Paige's imagination. When she sleeps in her apartment, she has recurring nightmares about the intruders breaking in to murder her. At least three of them attack Madison in "Sleepless Night" (and successfully catch and kill her, though she wakes up immediately after dying), and five of them can be seen in one of her endings, walking slowly toward her as she helplessly clutches her head.

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  • The knives that the intruders use are identical to the one used by Leland White, possibly indicating that Madison's experiences in The Taxidermist are the cause of her insomnia and nightmares.


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