"Jayden Blues" is the thirtieth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Jayden reviews the case and struggles with his addiction.

Walkthrough Edit

This level takes place in an empty bar with Norman Jayden slouched over a grand piano. He starts to play the piano. After Norman plays a few keys, a barman brings him a glass of vodka. The barman then makes a comment on Norman being preoccupied. Norman then tells the barman that Carter Blake is convinced Ethan Mars is the Origami Killer. Norman admits that there is evidence to back the theory; however, he states that the profile and geo-location don't match and he doubts Mars is the killer.

The barman asks if Norman has any idea of the killer's identity and Norman states "I haven't the faintest fuckin' idea." The barman suggests Norman review the evidence in his possession. As the barman leaves he warns Norman not to overindulge in "you know what."

Norman then reviews the evidence. What happens after Jayden exits ARI depends on whether Ethan was arrested in "Fugitive." If Ethan remained free, Jayden will be in his hotel room and will begin to suffer from Triptocaine withdrawal as his perception starts to blur reality with ARI. Depending on the player's actions, Jayden will resist the Triptocaine craving or succumb.

It should be noted that if you do nothing, Jayden will automatically start walking towards the Tripto and will take it if you let him.

If Ethan has been arrested, Jayden is in his office in the police station and he will help Ethan escape.


There are plenty of things that Norman can do to resist the Triptocaine:

  • Lie on the bed and hyperventilate.
  • Scream into the pillow.
  • Down a full bottle of scotch (causing him to throw up).
  • Breathe out the window.
  • Throw the lamp across the room, breaking it.
  • Wash his face.
  • Smash his head against the mirror.
  • Throw Triptocaine into toilet or out the window (ending the chapter).
  • Use the shower (ending the chapter).



  • Ludwig Von – Play the piano without a wrong note.
  • Detox – Resist Triptocaine.


  • You cannot get the Detox trophy if Ethan gets arrested.
  • This is the first Norman chapter where Blake does not appear.
  • When the barman tells Jayden not to over-indulge in "you know what," instead of Triptocaine, it is later revealed in the chapter "Solving the Puzzle" he is talking about ARI, as Norman can die by using it for too long. (However, it is never made clear if it is using ARI, lingering damage from Triptocaine, or both that results in Jayden's death if the player fails "Solving the Puzzle.")
  • According to David Cage, the hardest thing to create for Heavy Rain was making Norman's piano-playing look real.
  • It is unknown whether Norman's piano-playing is a result of his own skills in tandem with ARI or ARI providing the skill/music.
  • Norman can get out of his room while resisting Triptocaine, but it has no effect, since the elevator will never come if it's called, and any room Norman enters will be the same room. After you enter the room, you cannot go out again.
  • Whether you resist the Triptocaine or take it does not affect the outcome of the game.