Jeremy Bowles is the eighth and most recent victim of the Origami Killer. He was the son of Susan Bowles and the brother of Emily Bowles. Jeremy died a month after his 12th birthday, and his body was discovered in a wasteland near a functioning railroad track in the chapter "Crime Scene." Like the other victims of the Origami Killer, he was found with an orchid on his chest, an origami figure in his hand, and his face covered in mud. His cause of death was drowning via rainwater. The crime scene was personally investigated by FBI agent Norman Jayden. With the help of ARI technology, Lieutenant Carter Blake, and the local police force, Norman manages to find trace clues linking the Origami Killer to the murder.

In the chapter "Suicide Baby," Jeremy's mother Susan attempts to kill herself as a means to cope with the death of her son. Scott Shelby saves her and takes care of Emily afterward.