Manfred's Antiques

Scott Shelby answers the phone at Manfred's Antiques.

Manfred's Antiques is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place. It is a shop that repairs and sells antiques and is owned by Manfred, one of Scott Shelby's old friends.

Scott visits Manfred's Antiques with Lauren Winter to ask Manfred about an envelope (containing the Church Letter) that was sent to Lauren's husband. After having a drink with Scott, Manfred examines the envelope and confirms that a Royal 5 was used to type the address. He also mentions that he bought the entire stock of Royal 5 parts back in 1964, so anyone who ever needed to have one repaired would have brought it to his shop. He goes to the backroom to get his client list for Scott and Lauren, but is murdered by the Origami Killer before he can find it. Scott must then wipe Lauren's and his fingerprints off of everything they touched before they leave the shop, or they will be taken in for questioning by the police.

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