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"Manfred" is the thirty-second chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Lauren Winter and Scott Shelby attempt to track the envelope sent by the Origami Killer.


Manfred is an old friend of private investigator Scott Shelby who runs an antique repair shop. Shelby visits him to see if Manfred can identify the typewriter that printed the addresses on the envelope that the Origami Killer sent to Allan Winter. Manfred is surprised, yet pleased to see Shelby. The two then share a drink together.

Afterwards, Manfred tells Lauren and Shelby that the typewriter used by the killer is a "Royal 5," which was in production from 1907 to 1924. He says that he bought the entire stock of spare parts for the Royal 5, and thus is the only person who can do repairs for that model. He offers to retrieve a list of his Royal 5 customers. However, while searching for the list in the back room, Manfred is murdered by the Origami Killer. Shelby has to quickly remove any fingerprints that could link Lauren or him to Manfred's death before the police and paramedics arrive.


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  • Perfect Crime – Cleaning all traces of your presence in the shop is a requirement for the trophy.


  • If you don't answer the phone after the sixth ring, Lauren will do it herself.
  • Manfred's speech contains a factual error: he says that the Royal 5 was first produced in 1907, but the Royal Typewriter Company did not start producing it until 1911.
  • If Scott is at the police station, Carter Blake and Ash appear, but Norman Jayden doesn't.
  • If Scott forgets to clean something in Manfred's shop and is subsequently sent to the police station, it is implied that he and Carter Blake know each other. It's possible that they used to work together in the police force before Scott became a private investigator.
  • A glitch can occur in this chapter. If Scott walks near Lauren while she is getting the account book and speaks to her, he will freeze and stand in one spot indefinitely. The only way to fix the glitch is to restart the chapter.
  • Later in the game, it is revealed how in the few seconds Lauren was distracted by the music box, the Origami Killer snuck in, killed Manfred, and called the police.