At my age time means nothing anymore...

Manfred is an old friend of Scott Shelby's who owns a repair shop called Manfred's Antiques. Back in 1964, Manfred bought the entire stock of Royal 5 spare parts for a very low price (or in his words, "a song"). Scott visits him for the first time in ten years, bringing along Lauren, when trying to figure out the type of typewriter used to type an address on an envelope Lauren found. Manfred and Scott share a drink of scotch and Scott gives him the envelope to look at. Examining it with his magnifying glass, Manfred identifies the writing as being from a Royal 5 and reveals he is the only one with records on the current owners of a Royal 5. After he goes to get the client list from the back, the Origami Killer bashes his head in with a typewriter. Scott and Lauren later find his body.

Character AppearancesEdit


  • Manfred is 5'8½" tall.
  • Manfred's last name is never revealed in the game.
  • In the "Origami Killer" chapter, it is revealed that the killer murdered Manfred to tie up a loose end and take the evidence for disposal.
  • If using the Debug Mode's free camera option, it is possible to see that Manfred goes from his walking animation straight into his dead position with the typewriter next to him as soon as he fully turns the corner to go into his office.
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