Nathaniel Williams' Apartment

Concept art showing the living room of Nathaniel's apartment

Nathaniel Williams' apartment is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place. It is home to Nathaniel Williams, a man with religious mania and a persecution complex.

The apartment is old, derelict, and full of crucifixes and other religious paraphernalia, as well as various containers filled with medication. It appears in only one chapter, in which Carter Blake and Norman Jayden suspect that Nathaniel Williams is the Origami Killer and search his apartment for clues. When Nathaniel returns home from buying groceries, Blake accosts him until he draws a gun. Jayden will have to choose between talking Nathaniel down and shooting him; if he talks Nathaniel down, Blake will move in to arrest him. Jayden will then be given another chance to shoot Nathaniel when he reaches under his coat.

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