Preparing for Jason's Party

Grace talks to Ethan while preparing for Jason's birthday party.

  • The chapter begins with Ethan Mars awaking from sleep. Follow the on-screen commands to learn how to affect the character's motion, and get Ethan up from his bed.
  • After searching the immediate environment and learning how to move, walk over to the bedroom door and interact with the note left on the floor. The note tells the player that Ethan's wife, Grace, is currently out but will be returning at an unspecified time.
  • The player must then guide Ethan to the bathroom so he may shower. Simply follow the on-screen prompts. Players can also participate in optional activities, such as shaving or brushing Ethan's teeth.
  • Guide Ethan back to the master bedroom and interact with the wardrobe to change into clothes.
  • Optional: There are several rooms and items upstairs the player can interact with. The player can attend to the family pet or even juggle, amongst many other things.
  • Take Ethan downstairs. Using L2, the player is able to hear Ethan's thoughts. Use this method to discover that Ethan has some work that needs completing.
  • From the stairs, immediately turn left and walk through the living-room area. On the next left, the player can enter Ethan's studio.
  • Follow the on-screen commands whilst sitting at Ethan's desk to successfully draw up the architectural plans. There are several stages to this. The drawing is finished after Ethan adds his signature.
  • Take time to explore the house until Grace arrives home with their two sons, Jason and Shaun.
  • Talk to Grace after helping her with the groceries, and offer to help her prepare for Jason's birthday.
  • Just below (south of) the kitchen and to the left is a present-laden side table. Locate the plates inside using the on-screen instructions and carefully position them on the table whilst Grace prepares lunch.
  • The player now has approximately 3 minutes to play with the two boys outside in the back yard.
  • Proceed to the yard through the glass sliding doors and interact with the boys using the on-screen commands. Continue to play until Ethan either wins or loses the sword fight against the boys.
  • Note: Players who successfully finish the architectural drawing, set the table, and successfully complete the playing with the boys in the yard sequence will be awarded the "Happy Birthday" trophy once the chapter concludes.
  • At this point, Grace should make the player aware that lunch is being served. Follow the family back inside to the table.
  • After discovering Shaun is no longer present, Ethan is instructed to locate him. You'll find Shaun on the upstairs landing, next to the bird cage, upset at the death of his pet bird, Merlin.
  • After the cutscene this chapter will end.