Scott Shelby's Apartment

Concept art showing the living room and office area of Scott's apartment

Scott Shelby's apartment is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place. It is the primary residence of Scott Shelby, who also uses it as an office from which he works as a private investigator.

Lauren Winter visits the apartment to give Scott an envelope that was sent to Allan Winter, her son's father, on the day Johnny disappeared, and uses it as leverage to partner with Scott and join his search for the Origami Killer. When they return to the apartment after Manfred's death, she reveals that she found a notebook containing the clientele who bought or repaired Royal 5 typewriters, one of which was used to type the address on the envelope. The only person whose name is on that list and a 500-person list of subscribers to an origami magazine is "John Sheppard," who the duo investigate next.

Later, when Scott returns to his apparently unlocked apartment, he finds Charles Kramer and his bodyguards holding Lauren at gunpoint. Charles has Scott and Lauren knocked out and tied up in Scott's car, which is then dumped in a mountain lake. Soon after, Madison Paige breaks into Scott's apartment while following a lead, and has a confrontation with Scott when he returns.

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  • Scott Shelby's apartment is located at 85 Reservoir Road on the 1st floor, according to the business card in his wallet. The game's later chapters prove this is incorrect: in "Trapped," Scott climbs at least one flight of stairs to reach his apartment, and exterior shots of his apartment building seen after the explosion in "Killer's Place" indicate that he lives on the 3rd floor.