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Patrons line up at the entrance to the Blue Lagoon.

Arriving at the Blue Lagoon, Madison talks to the barman to find out that Paco is in the VIP lounge. The bouncer tells her that he cannot let her through because Paco has asked not to be disturbed.

Madison observes a girl dancing on a nearby platform who then catches the attention of Paco and is invited into the lounge. Hatching a plan, Madison enters the women's bathroom. Once inside, she musses her hair, undoes the top of her shirt, tears her skirt shorter and applies makeup hoping to catch Paco's attention. She returns to the platform, and if the player completes the QTEs, the bouncer invites her to join Paco.

Madison asks if they can go somewhere more private, and Paco takes her to his office upstairs. Once in the office, Madison's plan to interrogate Paco goes sideways when he takes her purse, which contains her weapon. Disarmed by Paco, Madison loses her nerve and tries to get out of the situation until Paco draws a gun and demands a striptease. Madison reluctantly starts to dance; while desperately thinking of a way out she notices a lamp on the table behind her. The player can have Madison snatch the lamp and bludgeon Paco unconscious.

Madison ties Paco to a chair and holds a gun to his head, demanding to know about the apartment. At one point, one of Paco's bodyguards knocks on the door and asks if everything is okay. Madison gets rid of him either by faking an audible sexual encounter or by going to the door and telling him that Paco is preoccupied. After the bodyguard leaves, Madison manages to get the killer's name from Paco by applying pressure to his testicles. Madison then leaves, ending the chapter.