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"Sleepless Night" is the eleventh chapter in Heavy Rain.


This chapter introduces the fourth (and only female) playable character Madison Paige, a photojournalist who is also a chronic insomniac.


Madison wakes up on the couch in her apartment.

Madison wakes up from a bad dream, citing her insomnia. The player, as Madison, attempts to get back to sleep by doing various activities around her apartment. Before long, Madison will find the fridge door open and uneasily close it. Afterwards, masked intruders are seen to have broken into her apartment and are now here to try to murder her. Madison attempts to call for help, escape, and fend off the intruders. Eventually, she is cornered and murdered, only to awaken from the nightmare.


Depending on how well the player executes the QTEs (Quick Time Events), Madison may die at different times during the chase. Get enough correct and she'll "die" in her bathroom.


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Madison cools off in her famous shower scene.

  • This is the first chapter to introduce Madison Paige.
  • This chapter is famous for its scene involving a naked Madison taking a shower. It is not normally possible to view frontal nudity in this scene, but her breasts and buttocks are always visible.
  • When Madison is naked after the shower, it appears that she is still dirty, similar to Ethan Mars when he takes a shower in the chapter "Prologue." However, upon closer inspection, the "dirt" is simply water left on her body.
  • While Madison technically "dies" in this chapter, the death occurs during a nightmare and is ultimately unavoidable. This makes her "death" the only death of a playable character that does not end the character's involvement in the rest of the events of the game.
  • It is possible to complete this chapter without taking a shower.