I didn't mean to leave her... I just couldn't cope anymore... Just, not having Jeremy around... He was such a good boy... I can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him.

—Susan to Scott Shelby

Susan Bowles is the mother of Jeremy Bowles, the eighth victim of the Origami Killer. Her husband leaves her the day after Jeremy's disappearance, and Susan is unable to take care of her infant daughter, Emily, on her own. Depressed and hopeless, she attempts suicide by slitting her wrist in the bathtub. Private investigator Scott Shelby arrives in time to save her by treating her wounds. Scott then takes care of the baby by changing her, feeding her, and putting her to bed. Afterwards, Scott talks to Susan and learns that her husband got a cell phone from the Origami Killer, which she gives to Scott to aid his investigation. She also reveals that she does not get along well with her mother, who is the only family she has, but mentions she needs her help to take care of her daughter.

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  • It is unclear if Susan's husband attempted the trials to save their son, or simply abandoned the family. However, there is a body that can be found during "The Butterfly" that could possibly be his.
  • She is one the few characters who can never die.
  • Susan is 5'2½" tall.
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