"The Cemetery" is the thirty-seventh chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter pursue the name they've uncovered, John Sheppard, to Charity Cross Cemetery.


Heavy rain 47

Scott searches the cemetery for John Sheppard's grave.

The chapter opens with Lauren and Scott talking about the fact that the person with the name from their lists died when he was 10. They find the grave and discover an origami figure resting on it and fresh flowers left for the grave. A nearby gravedigger starts to tell the story of the boy's tragic death.


Approach the gravedigger to learn to the location of Sheppard's grave. If you do nothing, or take too long to find the grave, Lauren will find it for you.



  • If you leave the cemetery before you find the grave, Lauren will call you back and Scott will make a joke, saying "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to shout in a cemetery?"


Heavy Rain - Chapter 36 - The Cementary (STFU PLAYTHROUGH)

Heavy Rain - Chapter 36 - The Cementary (STFU PLAYTHROUGH)

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