"The Golf Club" is the twenty-seventh chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Scott Shelby confronts Gordi Kramer's father, Charles Kramer, about his son.


Scott Shelby meets with Charles Kramer at a driving range to talk with him. At Kramer's insistence, Scott takes shots on the driving range while they discuss Gordi. The conversation ends with Kramer offering to pay Shelby off, then threatening him when he refuses the offer.

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Go up to Kramer and take the club. Then take the golf ball. Follow the on-screen prompts to hit the ball. You need to do this three times, then the chapter will end. This is possibly the easiest playable chapter in the entire game.



Heavy Rain - Chapter 27 - The Golf Club (STFU PLAYTHROUGH)

Heavy Rain - Chapter 27 - The Golf Club (STFU PLAYTHROUGH)

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