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"The Nurse" is the twenty-fourth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison tends to a wounded Ethan.


Madison notices Ethan's door ajar; snooping, she finds him collapsed on the floor and realizes he's been badly hurt. Madison manages to get Ethan onto the bed and then treats his various wounds and fever. Once Ethan is patched up Madison leaves, Ethan comes to and heads out to another trial, ending the chapter.


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  • There are errors shown in Madison's treatment of Ethan. Firstly, you shouldn't apply standard bandages to burn wounds in real life, and secondly, she completely ignores the cuts on one arm and both legs.


Heavy Rain - Chapter 24 - The Nurse (STFU PLAYTHROUGH)

Heavy Rain - Chapter 24 - The Nurse (STFU PLAYTHROUGH)

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