"The Nurse" is the twenty-fourth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison tends to a wounded Ethan.


Madison notices Ethan's door ajar; snooping, she finds him collapsed on the floor and realizes he's been badly hurt. Madison manages to get Ethan onto the bed and then treats his various wounds and fever. Once Ethan is patched up Madison leaves, Ethan comes to and heads out to another trial, ending the chapter.


First, get Ethan on the bed and remove his shirt. Then, go to the bathroom and take the various items from the cabinet. 

Depending on how the player completed the Butterfly Trial, Ethan may have burns. If Ethan has burn wounds use the ointment on them; otherwise ignore the ointment. Use the anti-fever pills to treat his fever. Then, take the disinfectant and disinfect his wounds again.

Roll a bandage over his arms to close the wounds. Madison will leave again and the player will once again control Ethan, grab the box, and take another origami figure out. The chapter then ends.