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"The Old Warehouse" is the fifty-second and final chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, up to three of the playable main characters (Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden and Madison Paige) arrive to save Shaun Mars and confront Scott Shelby, the Origami Killer.

There are 8 different ways this chapter can play out.

Conditions for a Character to arrive at the WarehouseEdit

Possible endingsEdit

The flow of this chapter depends on which of the three above characters survive and meet the requirements.

Ethan, Madison and NormanEdit

If all three characters find Shaun's location, Ethan Mars arrives first and is confronted by Scott Shelby who states that he has been looking for a long time for a father capable of sacrificing himself to save his son. He also reveals that he was an eyewitness to Jason Mars' death. Scott directs Ethan's attention to the drywell behind him where Shaun is trapped; as Ethan tries to reach Shaun, Scott pulls out a handgun and prepares to execute Ethan.

Norman Jayden appears seconds after and tackles Scott. Scott recovers and races away with Norman in hot pursuit; the two men continue their fight on a moving conveyor belt that is covered in junk, which is being dumped into a multi-bladed grinder at the top of the conveyor belt. Norman and Scott continue their fight using the junk as weapons. If the player correctly executes enough QTEs, Scott will end up dangling from a safety rail surrounding the entrance to the bladed grinder. Scott asks Norman to help him. If Norman doesn't help, Scott falls to his death. If he does, then the player will earn the Simple Mind trophy and Scott will attack Norman as soon as he's safe. If Norman wins again, Scott will fall into the waste grinder to his death. If the player fails to execute enough QTEs, then Norman gets knocked out and the conveyor belt carries him into the grinder instead.

As soon as Norman takes on Scott, Ethan will use a nearby length of bar to break the lock securing the grate that has trapped Shaun in the drywell. Ethan pulls Shaun out of the drywell and begins CPR to revive the boy. (The player will be guided to execute several QTEs; eventually Ethan will give up but Shaun recovers.) As soon as Shaun wakes (if Ethan completed the Rat Trial) Ethan realizes his 60 minutes are nearly up; he frantically tells Shaun that he loves him. The watch that has been counting down his supposed remaining lifespan reaches zero, but Ethan lives. The last trial was a cruel psychological test.

Madison Paige is the last of the three to arrive. She immediately sees that Ash and a score of other officers under Carter Blake's command have surrounded the warehouse and have their weapons drawn. Blake is utterly convinced Ethan is a deranged serial killer. Madison tries to warn Blake that he's making a terrible mistake. When it's clear that Blake won't listen, Madison escapes from Ash and uses her bike to get through police blockade. If the player fails her QTE, Madison will fall off her bike and end up locked in a cop car. Without her warning, Ethan will be shot to death as soon as he exits the warehouse. If Madison warns Ethan they walk out together with Shaun and Ethan survives. (Norman defeating Scott or being killed by Scott is irrelevant to Ethan, Madison and Shaun's survival.)

Ethan and MadisonEdit

Either Jayden is killed in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank," takes too long in "Solving the Puzzle" and dies, or gives up or is taken off the case in "Solving the Puzzle" and does not receive a call from Madison in "Killer's Place."

Ethan arrives first and finds Shaun trapped in a drywell. After saving him and reviving him, he survives the poison from the Rat Trial. Madison arrives to check on Ethan. If Ethan got the address from Madison instead of finding it himself, he will thank her and say that Shaun would have been dead if she hadn't told him. Scott also arrives and divulges his experiences before revealing that he must kill both Ethan and Madison because they know his secret. Ethan will be shot by Scott whether or not he fights back. Madison flees but is chased by Scott.

Eventually Madison and Scott will fight and one of them will die. If Madison survives the fight, Scott will corner her but before he can kill her, a wounded Ethan arrives and kills Scott. If Madison is killed, Ethan walks out of the warehouse with Shaun and survives.

Ethan and NormanEdit

This requires Madison to die in "The Doc" or "Killer's Place" or fail to find Shaun's location in "Killer's Place."

Ethan is the first to arrive. After finding Shaun he is confronted by Scott. Scott tells Ethan that he is the first father to ever save one of Scott's victims. As Ethan attempts to open the grate, Scott draws his weapon and prepares to execute him. Luckily, Norman appears and knocks Scott over before he can shoot Ethan. Norman chases Scott and the rest of the chapter plays out the same as if Madison were there except that the police, Blake, and Madison never arrive.

After their confrontation, either Norman or Scott dies. Ethan carries Shaun out of the warehouse and the chapter ends.

Madison and NormanEdit

Ethan must get arrested in "Fugitive" and saved by Jayden, then re-arrested in "On the Loose." Alternatively, Ethan escapes the police but does not figure out the address of the warehouse from his trials, or Madison does not call him in "Killer's Place."

Madison is the first to arrive. She finds Shaun trapped in the drywell and tries to free him. Norman arrives and asks if she has managed to find Shaun. Before they can save Shaun, Scott arrives and knocks Norman out, then tries to kill Madison. If Madison is choked to death before she gets to the docks Norman will recover and fight Scott on the conveyor belt. Otherwise Madison flees and is pursued by Scott around the docks, Norman regains consciousness, and he frees Shaun from the drywell. Madison is then cornered by Scott, but Norman appears and shoots him before he can kill her.

If Madison is killed during the fight, Norman walks out of the warehouse with Shaun safely. If Norman is killed during the conveyor belt fight, Shaun cannot be saved and he drowns.

Note that it is impossible to save Shaun as Madison. No matter what the player does, Norman will always be the one to save Shaun. Also, Norman can only be killed if Madison is killed before getting to the docks. If Madison fights Shelby at the docks, Norman will always survive.

Ethan goes aloneEdit

If Madison and Norman die or fail to find Shaun's location, but Ethan finds the location, the game will end in this way.

Ethan arrives at the warehouse alone and finds Shaun trapped in the drywell. He frees Shaun from the drywell and attempts to revive him. When Shaun does not respond Ethan is convinced he has arrived too late. Ethan holds Shaun's hand and begins to cry. However, Shaun begins coughing and regains consciousness, and Ethan hugs him. If Ethan drank the purportedly poisonous liquid in "The Rat," it will be revealed that the "poison" was actually a placebo.

Scott appears behind Ethan and explains that he was one of the witnesses who watched the fateful events of "The Mall." Seeing Ethan throw himself in front of a moving car in an attempt to save Jason's life inspired Scott to put fathers through tests to save their sons. For years he had been unable to find a father who was willing to sacrifice himself for his son, but eventually he remembered Ethan and decided to make the Mars family his next target. Ethan asks him incredulously if "all those murders [were really] just to find a father capable of saving his son," which angers Scott. He tells Ethan he has no idea what it is like to "know you've been a worthless nothing in your father's eyes" and that he himself has suffered as much as his victims. Ethan flies into a rage, and aims his weapon, threatening to kill Scott. Unique to this ending, Shelby will not resist, flee or fight, instead allowing Ethan the chance to kill him; he respects Ethan for fulfilling his task and there is no one else left aware of the Origami Killer's true identity. Ethan will either kill him through a gunshot to the chest (using the same gun Scott gave him to complete the Shark Trial), or he will tell Scott to live out his own nightmares, and let him disappear into the night. Either way, Ethan throws the gun aside afterwards.

Ethan puts Shaun down to open the heavy sliding warehouse door. As soon as Ethan walks out, Carter Blake and a full-manpower SWAT team -- with SMG/rifle equipped officers, snipers, and a police helicopter -- train their sights on him. When Ethan reaches to his sides (likely in pain from his earlier trails), Blake will exclaim "Open fire!" and Ethan will be killed in the ensuing hailstorm of bullets, leaving Shaun helpless and crying over his body.

Norman goes aloneEdit

Ethan must be arrested in both "Fugitive" and in "On the Loose" or Ethan must be unable to figure out the address of the warehouse from his trials or Madison. Madison must die in "The Doc" or "Killer's Place" or survive "Killer's Place" without successfully accessing the laptop with the warehouse's location.

Norman arrives at the warehouse and shoots the lock to the grate on the drywell and frees Shaun. Scott will appear and angrily explain that only Shaun's father is allowed to save him. During this rant, Norman must get to his feet and counter attack; if he doesn't, Scott will gun him down. If Norman succeeds, he will take Scott's gun, causing him to flee. Norman will then call the police department to alert them that he has found Shaun, and chase Scott down. He and Scott will end up on the conveyor belt and fight. The fight then proceeds the same as in every other Norman scenario. If Norman is killed during the fight, a disoriented Shaun will walk free. If Norman lives, he and Shaun will walk out of the warehouse.

Madison goes aloneEdit

Ethan must end up in jail or be unable to figure out the address of the warehouse from his trials or Madison. Jayden must be killed in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank," take too long in "Solving the Puzzle" and die, or give up in "Solving the Puzzle" with no phone call from Madison.

Madison arrives at the warehouse alone. She finds Shaun trapped in the drywell and tries to get him out, but is confronted by Scott, who is angry that she is still alive and that she has come in Ethan's stead. Madison attempts to reason with Scott, trying to show him the terrible consequences of what he has done. While she can't persuade Scott to leave, with the right choices, Madison gets close enough to a metal pole on the ground to knock Scott out. If Madison dies in this confrontation, Shaun eventually drowns. Otherwise she rescues Shaun from the drywell and revives him.

After Madison saves Shaun, Scott regains consciousness and chases Madison around the dock. Scott eventually corners Madison but Madison knocks him off the platform, leaving him dangling for his life. Scott begs Madison to save him. If Madison refuses, he falls to his death. If she helps him, he thanks her before ambushing her again. Either Madison dies, or she survives the second fight by pushing Scott back into a pole which impales him through the chest. If Madison is killed, a disoriented Shaun will be found wandering around the docks.

This is the only time that Madison saves Shaun; in every other scenario either Norman or Ethan saves him.

Nobody finds the warehouseEdit

Ethan must get arrested permanently or fail to find the address from his trials, Norman must be killed or unable to solve the case, and Madison must die or survive without finding the address to the warehouse.

The camera pans over the roof of the warehouse and through the large hole where the rain is pouring in. The drywell where Shaun is being held is shown from an angle and there is no sign of Shaun, implying he has at last drowned.


Main article: Endings

The only endings shown here are the ones where a character goes to the warehouse.






  • Simple Mind – Save the Origami Killer before he falls with either Norman or Madison.
  • So Close... – Reach the warehouse with all characters, but fail all of their assigned tasks by failing Norman's fight scene (killing him) and failing to warn Ethan of the police (causing Madison to be arrested and Ethan killed).
  • Four Heroes – Reach the warehouse with all characters, Norman kills Scott, Ethan saves Shaun, and Madison warns Ethan.
  • Saved the Kid – Save Shaun as any character.
  • Perfect Crime – Received if a number of conditions are met: Both Madison and Jayden are killed (if killed in "The Doc" and "Mad Jack" they will not be mentioned in the ending news report); Scott cleans the fingerprints from all objects in "Manfred;" Hassan is killed in "Hassan's Shop;" Lauren drowns in "Trapped;" Kramer dies of a heart attack in "Face to Face." What happens to Ethan or Shaun is irrelevant.


  • This chapter has a unique loading screen: instead of featuring Ethan, Scott, Norman or Madison, it features Shaun, though he differs in appearance from his in-game model.
  • This is the only chapter to feature all four main characters, and Scott is the only one who is not playable.
  • This is the only chapter in which Ethan and Scott can die (not including some of the endings).
  • Ethan going to the warehouse alone will always result in him getting the "Ethan's Grave" ending. There are some rumors that Ethan can go alone and survive (likely attributable to a pre-patch version of the game), but under current and recent patches of the game, this is impossible.
  • There are two considerable plot holes in this chapter:
    • The police's appearances at the warehouse are inconsistent; they only appear if Ethan goes alone or if all three characters go. It is implied that Blake was suspicious that Jayden left the police and that he perhaps followed him, but the fact that Blake will make it to the warehouse even if Norman is dead seemingly disproves this theory. So really, why is it that the police only show up if all three characters or just Ethan shows?
    • Shelby's attitude towards Ethan changes too; in the Ethan alone scenario, Shelby allows Ethan to hold him up at gunpoint and possibly kill him. In all the other situations involving Ethan, he will attempt to kill him before either getting into a struggle with Ethan over the gun and then shooting Ethan if Madison and Ethan are the only two to make it, or being tackled out of the way by Norman, in any scenario where Norman and Ethan are both present.
  • Madison is the only main character that doesn't bring a gun to the warehouse.
  • In the "all three" scenario, the four characters will appear in the order they debuted in (Ethan, Scott, Jayden, then Madison).
  • Ethan did forcefully take the handle of his gun apart in "The Shark." If the player actually completed the trial to do this, this would mean that he -- off-screen and perhaps in preparation for the scenario -- would have repaired it, even though Ethan's thoughts during "The Shark" state that he never used a gun in his life.
    • It is unknown why Ethan doesn't use the gun to shoot the lock off the grate like Norman does, seeing as he brings the gun with him. It is possible that in his desperation to get Shaun out of the drywell, he doesn't think of it.
  • Although it is likely designed to reflect Blake's impulsive, rash, and outright brutal decision-making, there was no directly justifiable reason for Blake to order shots to be fired on Ethan. He should've clearly seen a firearm before ordering the strike.
  • Madison can be shot up to three times in her fight.
  • When playing as Norman, if he goes to the warehouse alone, he will be using the same walk that he did before fighting Korda in "Covered Market."
  • Unless Ethan goes to the warehouse, Shaun is only guaranteed to survive if Norman goes alone.
  • Shaun can die in three scenarios: if no one finds the warehouse, if Madison and Norman go and are both killed, and if Madison goes alone and dies before fleeing to the docks.
  • If Madison goes to the warehouse alone and is choked to death by Scott before getting Shaun out of the drywell, the scene then plays as if no one went to the warehouse as usual, except Scott can be seen standing over Madison's dead body, watching Shaun slowly drown.
  • All but one of Scott's deaths in this chapter occurs when another main character causes him to fall. The only exception is when he gives Ethan the choice to shoot him.
  • Madison, Norman, and Scott can all die in brutal ways in this chapter.
    • Madison's deaths from being choked by Scott or stabbed by the metal pole twice on the crane - one injuring her, the other killing her - can arguably be considered her most brutal deaths.
    • Norman's death by waste crusher when he is conscious is arguably his most brutal death, on par with getting crushed to death in "Mad Jack."
    • Scott's death by falling in the waste crusher alive is considered by many to be one of the most brutal deaths in the game.