For the location, see old warehouse.

"The Old Warehouse" is the fifty-second and final chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, up to three of the playable main characters (Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden and Madison Paige) arrive to save Shaun Mars and confront Scott Shelby, the Origami Killer.


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The only endings shown here are the ones where a character goes to the warehouse.






  • Simple Mind – Save the Origami Killer before he falls with either Norman or Madison.
  • So Close... – Reach the warehouse with all characters, but fail all of their assigned tasks by failing Norman's fight scene (killing him) and failing to warn Ethan of the police (causing Madison to be arrested and Ethan killed).
  • Four Heroes – Reach the warehouse with all characters, Norman kills Scott, Ethan saves Shaun, and Madison warns Ethan.
  • Saved the Kid – Save Shaun as any character.
  • Perfect Crime – Received if a number of conditions are met: Both Madison and Jayden are killed (if killed in "The Doc" and "Mad Jack" they will not be mentioned in the ending news report); Scott cleans the fingerprints from all objects in "Manfred;" Hassan is killed in "Hassan's Shop;" Lauren drowns in "Trapped;" Kramer dies of a heart attack in "Face to Face." What happens to Ethan or Shaun is irrelevant.


  • This chapter has a unique loading screen: instead of featuring Ethan, Scott, Norman or Madison, it features Shaun, though he differs in appearance from his in-game model.
  • This is the only chapter to feature all four main characters, and Scott is the only one who is not playable.
  • This is the only chapter in which Ethan and Scott can die (not including some of the endings).
  • Ethan going to the warehouse alone will always result in him getting the "Ethan's Grave" ending. There are some rumors that Ethan can go alone and survive (likely attributable to a pre-patch version of the game), but under current and recent patches of the game, this is impossible.
  • There are two considerable plot holes in this chapter:
    • The police's appearances at the warehouse are inconsistent; they only appear if Ethan goes alone or if all three characters go. It is implied that Blake was suspicious that Jayden left the police and that he perhaps followed him, but the fact that Blake will make it to the warehouse even if Norman is dead seemingly disproves this theory. So really, why is it that the police only show up if all three characters or just Ethan shows?
    • Shelby's attitude towards Ethan changes too; in the Ethan alone scenario, Shelby allows Ethan to hold him up at gunpoint and possibly kill him. In all the other situations involving Ethan, he will attempt to kill him before either getting into a struggle with Ethan over the gun and then shooting Ethan if Madison and Ethan are the only two to make it, or being tackled out of the way by Norman, in any scenario where Norman and Ethan are both present.
  • Madison is the only main character that doesn't bring a gun to the warehouse.
  • In the "all three" scenario, the four characters will appear in the order they debuted in (Ethan, Scott, Jayden, then Madison).
  • Ethan did forcefully take the handle of his gun apart in "The Shark." If the player actually completed the trial to do this, this would mean that he -- off-screen and perhaps in preparation for the scenario -- would have repaired it, even though Ethan's thoughts during "The Shark" state that he never used a gun in his life.
    • It is unknown why Ethan doesn't use the gun to shoot the lock off the grate like Norman does, seeing as he brings the gun with him. It is possible that in his desperation to get Shaun out of the drywell, he doesn't think of it.
  • Although it is likely designed to reflect Blake's impulsive, rash, and outright brutal decision-making, there was no directly justifiable reason for Blake to order shots to be fired on Ethan. He should've clearly seen a firearm before ordering the strike.
  • Madison can be shot up to three times in her fight.
  • When playing as Norman, if he goes to the warehouse alone, he will be using the same walk that he did before fighting Korda in "Covered Market."
  • Unless Ethan goes to the warehouse, Shaun is only guaranteed to survive if Norman goes alone.
  • Shaun can die in three scenarios: if no one finds the warehouse, if Madison and Norman go and are both killed, and if Madison goes alone and dies before saving Shaun.
  • If Madison goes to the warehouse alone and is choked to death by Scott before getting Shaun out of the drywell, the scene then plays as if no one went to the warehouse as usual, except Scott can be seen standing over Madison's dead body, watching Shaun slowly drown.
  • All but one of Scott's deaths in this chapter occurs when another main character causes him to fall. The only exception is when he gives Ethan the choice to shoot him.
  • Madison, Norman, and Scott can all die in brutal ways in this chapter.
    • Madison's deaths from being choked by Scott or stabbed by the metal pole twice on the crane - one injuring her, the other killing her - can arguably be considered her most brutal deaths.
    • Norman's death by waste crusher when he is conscious is arguably his most brutal death, on par with getting crushed to death in "Mad Jack."
    • Scott's death by falling in the waste crusher alive is considered by many to be one of the most brutal deaths in the game.