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For the location, see park.

"The Park" is the seventh chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Ethan Mars and his son Shaun play in the park.


Ethan and Shaun spend an afternoon in the park. As Ethan the player can select options to discover Ethan's thoughts about his current relationship with Shaun, discuss school and other minor topics with Shaun, and even play games with Shaun. The player also has the option to buy Shaun some Chewies as a snack. Eventually Ethan will decide to leave, telling Shaun it looks like heavy rainfall is coming. Shaun asks to ride on the carousel as they're leaving. Ethan buys a ticket for Shaun and Ethan's vision begins to fade; he suffers similar symptoms as he did after putting Shaun to bed in a previous chapter, then blacks out.


Pay attention to the time you enter the park and what Shaun is wearing. The time is 4:15 and he is wearing a beige coat with green pants. This is used in the "Welcome, Norman" chapter and related to the Got To Remember! trophy.

Talk to Shaun about school. Then either pick up the boomerang, or play with Shaun on the swings, seesaw, or merry-go-round. After doing two of these, pick up sweets for Shaun. This will trigger the Good Friends trophy. Then, pay for the carousel and Ethan will suffer from a blackout.


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  • Good Friends – Successfully finish playing two games with Shaun and buy him candy.


  • Although the day on which this chapter takes place is not displayed, "Welcome, Norman" reveals that it takes place on a Tuesday.
  • If Shaun was mad at Ethan in "Father and Son," Shaun will apologize and tell him that he didn't mean what he said, as he was just angry.