Debut Sleazy Place
Gender Male
Age 34
Birthdate May 14, 1977
Status Alive
Hair color Bald (formerly brown)
Eye color Brown
Occupation Unknown
Model Vincent Haquin
Voice Peter Thias (English)
What do you want, asshole?!

Troy is an abusive loan shark who visits prostitute, Lauren Winter, as private investigator, Scott Shelby, is leaving her apartment. As Scott recovers in the hallway from an asthma attack, he overhears Lauren protest that she asked him not to come by. He forces himself inside her apartment against her will as a commotion is heard inside. The player can either choose to leave without helping, or choose to fight Troy in a quick time event. Win or lose, Troy leaves, damaged, and threatens to return (though he isn't seen for the rest of the game).

If Shelby does help Lauren, she states he is an ex-client who thinks he owns her, and thanks Shelby before he leaves.

If Shelby does not help Lauren, she is seen later in "A Visitor" with a black eye. Scott asks what happened, and Lauren says it was nothing important.

Chapter appearancesEdit


  • Troy is about 6' 3" (1.91 m) because he looked about 2 inches shorter than Scott Shelby.
  • He is the first fighting QTE (determinant).