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"Under Arrest" is the thirty-first (or forty-second) chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Norman Jayden helps Ethan Mars escape from the police station.


Ethan sits in the police station's interrogation room after being arrested in his previous chapter. Jayden is thoroughly convinced that Ethan is not the Origami Killer, but Blake and Captain Perry think otherwise, leading Blake to beat Ethan and Perry to call a press conference announcing that the Origami Killer has been caught (depending on when the chapter takes place). Jayden, moved by Ethan's plight, helps him escape so he can save his son.


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  • Wise Guy – Turn off the video camera before freeing Ethan.


  • This chapter is optional and is only playable if Ethan gets arrested in either "Fugitive" or "On the Loose." (For the latter scenario, you must not have gotten arrested the first time, and Jayden must be alive.)
  • Not turning off the camera results in an alternate opening to "Solving the Puzzle."
  • Depending on how quickly you intervene when Blake begins questioning Ethan, Ethan may have a bruise near his eye when Norman returns to the interrogation room after deciding to break him out. If you intervene right before or right after Blake hits Ethan, he won't have a bruise.
  • Generally, police officers are not supposed to be carrying their sidearms during an interrogation, in fear the suspect will get control of their gun.
  • Sometimes, the game will appear to glitch if the player attempts to go back to this chapter using the chapter select menu on the no-save option. Instead of showing the chapter as normal, it instead shows the cutscene where Ethan is thrown in a cell (even if Ethan was not arrested both times on the saved game being played), with Norman being absent from the cutscene. In this case, the chapter will show Ethan's loading screen.
  • While Ethan also appeared in "First Encounter," "The Nurse," and "Fugitive" as a largely non-playable character, he is playable near the end. This is the only chapter where Ethan appears fully as a non-playable character.
  • Regardless of when Ethan is arrested, this chapter will always appear between "Jayden Blues" and "Manfred" in the chapter select menu.